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    Yo is a social app for the Android, Apple and Windows smartphone users, in which the users of the app can send the word ‘yo’ as a text message or as an audio notification to their friends. After gaining popularity, the app enabled its users to attach locations and links to their friends. And due to its further enhancements of the app, it attracts the companies and brands to do business with them. The Yo was the inspiration for the social apps. HackPlan application development startup‘s Sun Liang developed a clone app of Yo for entertainment purpose. The HackPlan is a startup that has open source developers from South Korea, Canada and China. They developed the ClipInTheBox and Pomotodo applications.

    Liang said that they developed Hehe to make fun of the people who make clone app, he read about Yo and wanted make fun of the app by creating a clone. Hehe is a simple app in which you have to use a different communication form to get another person’s Hehe ID, and you cannot invite your friend from the social media. The only thing that you can do is that you can send a Hehe notification to your friend by touching against their name in the app. Several Apple and Android users have used the Hehe app since its release in the market. Sun Liang and his team members are not interested in upgrading or adding new features in this app because they developed the app only to tease the clone app developers. And they said that they will not compete against the leading mobile messaging app WeChat.

    The catchy headlines and possibly, liberal use of adjectives and expressive sentences to catch the attention of internet users is common. This all began with Upworthy a website for promoting viral content on social and political issues. They create those catchy two phrase headline which are emotionally manipulative and over sensationalized. The website does not use comment sections but rather expects to be shared over social media. They have created the distin Today there are several other sites which operate in similar manner to Upworthy. These clones do not restrict to social or political issues, they provide sensational headlines for articles on pets and fairness creams.

    These sites are more or less “click bait” they generate revenue for page views obtained. These clones survive on two forces the first is the power of facebook in spreading and the ad system. The user base for Upworthy shot to 70 million users in a span of 2 years. Even CNN has adapted to Upworthy like headlines for its site. Though there are numerous sites which clone it all of them have managed to garner their set of users. Some of the popular websites in this line are distractify which has 46 million users and uses sensational headlines for promotion. The number is impressive given most of the photos and videos posted from other sites. There are several examples of such sites like ViralNova, LiftBump and Faithit are popularizing based on this marketing strategy. The interesting thing is these sites do not employ more than 10 to 15 people to create its content.

    Rocket Internet is a company that develops and invests on online entities that focus on service sectors like fashion, food and groceries, Travel, Home and living and general merchandise.Jack Drosey, the CEO of Twitter developed Square a mobile payment company that maintains the overall point of sale of small confectioneries to retail stores around the world. The Rocket Internet developed a clone payment service similar to the Square. They split the domain names for all the Asian countries like Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    The Rocket Internet decided to name it as Zenplay, later they reported that they changed the name to EvoPay.But when they opened, the website showed an error message, thus they finalized the payment service with a new name called PayLeven. The payment service is available for both the Android and Apple users, and the website is available in English and German version. Reports said that the company registered its name as PayLeven Singapore, because the other ventures of the firm are in Singapore. Unlike the Square, which has a magnetic strip that recognizes the digital cards, the PayLeven has an embedded chip.

    The PayLeven Singapore in the publicly available business profile listed itself as the provider of digital, logistic and payment service. Apart from these services it also provides assistance in internet services, management and development. In the research, within a period of one year PayLeven’s online marketing raised up to two hundred and fifty nine million US dollars only in Singapore and they target for the year 2015 was US$2.45B.PayLeven has outstanding records of payments by providing customer friendly experience tackling the underserved part, and providing innovative technology. This in turn helped them to achieve customer payback within 6 months, which is new to the financial industry.

    There are several scripts available to set up spotify clone with tunes pulled from YouTube. They can let the users create accounts find famous albums and create playlist. The services created with these scripts are soon to become illegal. The clone scripts are sold for just $38! Wefre is a similar service which uses the API of spotify and YouTube videos play in the background. The site owner Vera was unaware that the operations were illegal. Wefre obtained the code from CodeCanyon which sells several cloned codes.

    It is illegal to set-up a music service that uses YouTube content since it is against the terms and conditions of the website. The company strictly states that modifying the audio and video components of YouTube is not permitted. It is not just Wefre but there are several other clones currently operating in a similar path. When YouTube learns this, the company will close access to the contents of its site to them. Wefre after learning its mistake has pulled off the kickstarter campaign it launched to create android and iOS application.

    Clone scripts of famous websites are popular. There are codes available even for facebook, twitter etc. These products save time and resources for the site owner as devolping sites from the scratch are tough. They can be easily customized and used. They are extremely cheaper than web development services. However it is not illegal to develop or buy clones but exact usage of copyright content or the exact code of other products is illegal

    The LG G4 clone for the budget buyer is G4 stylus. The company decided to use the stylus as ad-on feature for its trimmed version of G4 released in the year 2014.The stylus product is for buyer who wants the best features of G4 but at reduced price. In early touch phone devices stylus was a necessary then came the iPhone and android devices which eliminated its need. The Samsung note series brought back the sleek-natured stylus back to fashion. They also came with lots of uses for creative minds for making notes and doodles. The stylus model from LG has better than price spec costing 21,000. This sales pitch has become quite common with many makers releasing quality products to catch the attention of buyers for their brand.

    The one aspect where Stylus shines brighter than G4 is in battery life, 3000 mAh. The rest of the features are in-par or less than G4. The display of stylus does not stand out in the price segment it belongs to. It has a resolution of 720X1280 pixels and 258 Pixels Per inch(PPI) .With 13 MP camera and optical image stabilization, clear low light photography the camera aspects are good for the price. The front cam selfies are good enough. The RAM is limited 1 GB however this does not slow down the device. There is 16 GB internal memory expandable up to 128 GB .other features are, it is a dual sim 4G supporting phone.

    Roamsoft released the clone of Thumdtack, a consumer service website. It is a platform where the customers can get their requested service done. It is best suited for the job providers and service professionals regarding technical support, business, legal issues and web designing. BrowsenFind is a platform where the service providers and the consumers can meet each other and get their jobs done. The main objective is to provide on-screen service for the clients and the resource through the online marketplace. The details about the service professionals for specific tasks, or concerts or events are available on the webpage. The service providers can also find the customers for their jobs like management activities, transportation service or vacuuming.

    The Thumbtack clone is available with essential features of the service business; the customized platform resolves the customer’s task in an efficient way. The customer can either use the direct or indirect method to select the service provider. In case of the direct method, the customer can review the service profile and the rankings of all the service professionals. The customer can choose their required professional to assist their task. In the indirect method, the customer can select the service professional by filling the form provided on the webpage. The customer requirement is sent to the service professionals who match the demands. Then the interested professionals respond to the customers and discuss the entire details, including payment with the customer. It also enables the administrators to gain benefits from several advertising options and earn by displaying the advertisement. There are several advertising networks like the Clicksor, Google Adsense, Adcash, Propeller Ads, etc; the webmasters can get funds through their network.

    Lazada is currently present in 6 nations in South East Asia. Singapore is the most developed among them with high potential for ecommerce business. The other 5 Indonesia Philippines Thailand Malaysia and Vietnam are early tech environment and promising growth in the future.Lazada was launched by rocket internet, famous for bringing up several tech start-ups far from original. This ecommerce business is also the clone script of Amazon can be found in zoplay visit Though many of rocket internets launches have failed, like easytaxi, this venture has proved successful given its timing in the rising market. Lazada has 5.7 million active users and it had 1.4 million in 2014, a fourfold rise in customer base. Alibaba is the clear winner in Chinese market with sales double than its nearest competitor.

    The company is looking to expand and capture new markets. Lazada has managed to penetrate into the most difficult markets of Southeast Asia. The difficulty with these markets comes from poor infrastructure, lack of internet connectivity, transportation, payment methods, local laws, custom clearance and different languages. And it is easier to invest than venture in these rough waters. Despite all the shortcomings this region is filled with potential for growth. The population here is around 618 million and the middle class population is expected to reach 400 million in 2020. Sellers on Alibaba can now reach shoppers across Southeast Asia thus increasing its sales amid the economic slowdown in China

    Esty is a website that focus on the vintage, art and craft products and handmade items, the items include clothing, art, photography, edibles, toys, photography, quilts and jewelry. It is an open storefront for the sellers to sell their goods. Amazon is an online retailer that sells electronic gadgets, books, furniture, video games, food, toys and etc. Now they stepped into the handmade craft industry, the Handmade at Amazon. The items in the website include Furniture and bedding, jewelry, home décor, artwork, stationery and party items, kitchen and dining and etc. They offer twelve percent per sales and offer forty dollar to the artisan if they sell forty items in a month.

    In the initial stage, Amazon invited five thousand sellers from sixty countries through an email invitation. They make sure that the product for sale is a handmade product made by a small group an employee. Jacqueline Rudd Linen and letters, was one of the seller. The seller can provide twelve photographs and ten personalized options, thus you can specify the size and color of a product under a single product.

    Amazon Vice President for Handmade, Peter Faricy in an interview with the New York Times said that it is a factory free zone and a mass produced free zone. And they already offer a standard option for the individual seller in the market place who did not gain profit in the, thus for an artist they can provide only a sub division. And they aim to attract the dissatisfied small scale sellers of Esty, because other craftsmen are selling their products.

    Everyone is aware of the online jokes of selling kidney to buy an iPhone. Unfortunately that’s how these devices are praised, costly and unaffordable to the masses! But who does not wish to have an iPhone or Nexus. This desperation to own high end phones is well exploited by the Chinese Smartphone makers. Everyone mocks at the “made in china tag” but some of their products makes us think twice before doing that. The china market has become notoriously famous for selling clones of major brands at half of the price in Chinastore. You can get clones of Samsung Galaxy series, HTC and what not? Even the iphone itself priced at INR 2000.

    The Samsung galaxy devices are priced at 9,000. The clone weights lesser than galaxy and is powered by a better processor than the original. The camera also has same quality of display .Surprisingly these devices come with one year warranty.The iPhone clone GooPhone is priced at INR 12,000 with similar exteriors powered by android. However their performance and life are debatable of these phones are debatableThe Xiaomi brand most popular Chinese start-up is widely accused for its iphone rip-off. Their flagship devices Mi have identical build and interface to iPhone, they are 5 times cheaper than apple. They have global sales of 61 million units in the year 2014 and a growth rate of over 300 percent.The clones may not be the best bet but when you don’t want to shell out money they are the best alternative.

    The entrepreneurs in the global market try new ideas to sustain in the market; one of the new and fast growing ideas that attract the young female customers is the Beauty box.The concept of the Beauty boxes is an efficient idea in which the beauty brands send sample products to the customers for free, while the customers who request for samples have to pay the subscription amount on a monthly basis. The value of cosmetic market in Asia-Pacific was USD45.7B, and this concept will also hit the European market soon. A beauty box company in the United States called the Brichbox, launched in the 2010 reached its subscription to 200,000 with USD10.5M. The Rocket Internet in 2011 launched its beauty box clone, the Glossybox. The clone is popular in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    The beauty box concept is famous in the global market and hence the its clones are available in different countries like Bellabox in Australia, Memebox in South Korea, Vanitytrove in Singapore which has more than ten thousand subscribers and they sell more than sixty thousand boxes each day. The beauty company that pays USD20 every month with hundred thousand subscribers can earn USD2.4M per year. The beauty box company has two different consumers, the beauty brand and the beauty product users. A customer wants to select the best suited product for themselves while the beauty brands have to analyze their customer’s needs. Thus a small beauty box can fulfill both the consumer’s needs.