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    The entrepreneurs in the global market try new ideas to sustain in the market; one of the new and fast growing ideas that attract the young female customers is the Beauty box.The concept of the Beauty boxes is an efficient idea in which the beauty brands send sample products to the customers for free, while the customers who request for samples have to pay the subscription amount on a monthly basis. The value of cosmetic market in Asia-Pacific was USD45.7B, and this concept will also hit the European market soon. A beauty box company in the United States called the Brichbox, launched in the 2010 reached its subscription to 200,000 with USD10.5M. The Rocket Internet in 2011 launched its beauty box clone, the Glossybox. The clone is popular in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    The beauty box concept is famous in the global market and hence the its clones are available in different countries like Bellabox in Australia, Memebox in South Korea, Vanitytrove in Singapore which has more than ten thousand subscribers and they sell more than sixty thousand boxes each day. The beauty company that pays USD20 every month with hundred thousand subscribers can earn USD2.4M per year. The beauty box company has two different consumers, the beauty brand and the beauty product users. A customer wants to select the best suited product for themselves while the beauty brands have to analyze their customer’s needs. Thus a small beauty box can fulfill both the consumer’s needs.